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Magneride shock

What is Magneride and How Does it Work?

Magneride is a system developed by a company called Delphi.  The basic theory is that the shock absorber contains magnetorheological (whew!) fluid, a mixture of easily magnetized iron particles which can be nearly instantaneously affected by electromagnetic coils mounted within the shock absorber.  The system has the ability to monitor the ride height of each corner thousands of times per second and adjust the current to each shock absorber independently.  As more current is applied, the magnetized iron particles align and effectively increase the viscosity of the fluid which stiffens the feel of the shock absorber.  In short, the system can stiffen or soften the suspension to react to changes in ride height.  Cool, right!?


This system sounds great, and in theory it is.  However, in practice, Magneride shocks are very prone to leaking, are known to seize (equals a very stiff ride!) and are extremely expensive to repair.  It is not uncommon for a Magneride shock to require replacement after 40-50,000 miles.  There are many aftermarket shocks that can provide the same or better ride quality than a Magneride system for a fraction of the cost and these will live a much longer life. 


At, we have much more cost effective solutions available and can remove the Magneride from your vehicle for less than the cost of one Z95 strut from the dealer!  No warning lights or speed limiters!


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